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Monthly Archives: March 2020


Truckers Worry. Will They Ultimately Be the Carriers of the Coronavirus?

By Israel Garcia |

The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is beginning to affect US trucking, but its impact isn’t necessarily what was expected. Truck drivers who haul consumer goods, especially healthcare and cleaning products, are lining up to pick up loads, and getting better rates, as US consumers purchase toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and other emergency supplies en… Read More »

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Our Heartfelt Gratitude to American Truckers Going the Extra Mile Due to the Coronavirus

By Israel Garcia |

Over the past week, Americans have rushed to stock up on goods as they prepare to hunker down to mitigate the impact of COVID-19. We’ve watched schools, businesses, major sports and other cultural pillars come to a complete stop as personal health and well-being take top priority. The American trucker sits at a vital… Read More »

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Does Safety Really Come First?

By Israel Garcia |

Common sense steps to put the safety of Texas families and small business owners first. “As our state’s economy thrives and our population booms, Texas families and communities face new threats to their physical and financial safety. On the road, on the job, and in the home, Texans are looking for meaningful protections and… Read More »

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