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Desirea N. Levy

Paralegal | Case Manager

Desirea began the pursuit of her life’s goal in the legal community in 2013. She earned a prominent internship at a well-known and highly recommended local law firm. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from UTSA in 2013 with a major in Criminal Justice. Subsequently, she attended Paralegal Courses and obtained her certificate in December of 2013. Her hard work and dedication paid off as she worked her way up from an Internship to a full-time Paralegal position. She worked on every aspect of each case assigned to her, from the bottom up, putting in due diligence through the various positions entrusted to her. These positions ranged from intake specialist, medical records coordinator, legal secretary, pre-litigation paralegal and finally litigation paralegal. She appreciates each of those opportunities as they make her the paralegal she is today. They have helped her hone her craft and her passion. She now has the complete confidence of the attorneys working on the case alongside her to handle it from beginning to end.

Her personal injury career began due to her passion for helping others find Justice when wronged. Individuals with a personal injury claim are dealing with injuries, medical appointments, adjusting to the situation and the outcome of how their lives have changed temporarily or permanently – leaving them exhausted mentally and emotionally. Victims that are hurt due to a motor vehicle accident or other personal injury claim are dealing with the daily frustration of having pain and then the added stress of a damaged or un-drivable vehicle. She enjoys being able to help them in a way that can take the worry and frustration out of the long and drawn out process by handling this matter for them against the insurance company. She can evaluate each case and assist in determining the best course of medical treatment for each individual and his or her injuries. Her strong work ethic and determination has made her an invaluable addition to the firm. She helps our clients on their road to recovery and follows-up with them as they move forward in their treatment. Desirea’s goal is to advocate for them in every way possible, to lessen the worry, and to allow them to concentrate on their wellbeing.

Personal Experience

In March of 2017, she found herself involved in an auto accident when she was hit by an 18-wheeler. She was a victim to an unwanted injury, and can relate to her clients. She sustained multiple injuries; including multiple herniated discs and disc bulges throughout her spine. She has faced, head on, many of the same intense physical and emotional injuries that her current clients are going through and has undergone the same or similar treatment, like physical therapy, chiropractic services, pain management, and a surgical consultation and recommendation. She has performed all of the steps a client may or may not go through and can relate both physically and emotionally. “I understand that your life changes in every aspect and most people, regardless of their profession, may not understand. I also know what it feels like to live in pain, as I still suffer the pain from my injuries to this day.”

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