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5 Stars

Honest & Intelligent

Mr. Israel Garcia is a great attorney and demands respect for his clients. He was extremely knowledgeable and best of all he is an honest hard working individual. Extremely dependable and always replied to my phone calls and emails. He was always helpful and willing to give constructive compassionate advice. From the beginning to end Mr. Garcia and his staff were always available to guide me through my personal and legal process. Highly recommend having Mr. Garcia on your side.


5 Stars

Miracle Worker

Mr. Israel Garcia does not back down from a challenge – he is a miracle worker. Mr. Garcia took my case after I had suffered 2 rear end car accidents in as little as 3 days apart in March 2016. Said it would be a challenge but was confident on taking on both cases. 2 months later informed him about a 3rd accident. Mr. Garcia said he had never heard of anyone suffering accidents days or months apart. His office kept me informed. I visited Mr. Garcia but was embarrassed to tell him the bad news of a 4th accident in July – none of these were my fault – 2 of the people didn’t have any insurance coverage. Mr. Garcia amazed me and I think himself as well that he and his staff took care of all the cases. He was able to get me compensation for the pain and suffering these accidents caused me. I would highly recommend Mr. Garcia to anyone.


5 Stars

Amazing Representation

Being that this was my first lawsuit ever, I was very nervous about how this would go. Israel and Ida were very friendly and personable from the very first meeting. They listened to my concerns and were very dedicated in the work that they were doing. As the case progressed, they continued to answer any questions I had and walk me through each step of the process. I highly recommend working with Israel and his staff. Not once during my case did I ever feel like I was unprepared or like I was uninformed of where my case stood because they stay in constant contact with you through the whole process and they take their time to consult with you and prepare you for the next step of the case.


5 Stars

Highly Recommended

Israel Garcia is professional and highly knowledgeable. I hired him to handle my case and I am glad I did! He made sure I was up to date on my case in a timely manner as well as made sure the treatment for my therapy was appropriate according to my specific needs as a client. He was also able to refer me to outstanding healthcare facilities to help me in the rehabilitation and recovery of my injuries. I am truly thankful for Israel’s representation and thoroughness in settling my case.


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