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San Antonio Car Wreck Lawyer

In Texas, all drivers are required to carry a minimum amount of auto insurance coverage. If a driver causes a crash, it is this coverage that will kick in, covering the injured party’s losses. If, however, the victim’s damages exceed the policy, then he or she may need to file a personal injury claim in court, seeking recovery of the entire amount. Contact our San Antonio car wreck lawyer for help today.

What to do After a Crash

While it is true that no two car accidents are the same, there are certain steps that victims can take to help strengthen their claims. First, it is critical to remain at the scene of the crash and to contact law enforcement. Seeking medical assistance as soon as possible if you experience any pain or other symptoms is also a good idea. Even those who don’t experience symptoms right away should consider taking this step, as the adrenaline that so often accompanies a collision often masks injuries immediately after the crash. You should also be sure to call for medical help if anyone else is in distress. Once everyone’s safety has been assured, the parties can swap information, obtaining each other’s contact, insurance, and driver’s license information.

Gathering Evidence

Once your health and the health of the other parties has been ensured and you have contacted law enforcement, you can start thinking about preserving evidence from the scene of the accident. It’s a good idea to document the scene by taking photos and videos of vehicle damage, injuries, and the entire crash site. Remain on the lookout for skid marks in the road or damage to other structures and take note of the makes and models of the vehicles involved in the crash, as well as their license plate numbers. If possible, you should also collect witness information, noting the names and contact information of anyone who saw the accident. All of this information can play a critical role in proving fault at a later date.

Recovering Damages

Injured parties who can prove that another driver was responsible for an accident could be entitled to a settlement from that person’s insurer. This often involves seeking reimbursement for past, present, and future medical bills, as well as lost wages for the time you were forced to miss because of your injuries. Injured parties may also qualify for diminished earning capacity if they are permanently disabled as a result of the crash, as well as reimbursement for vehicle repair or replacement costs. Plaintiffs who are unable to recoup the full amount of their losses from an insurer may need to litigate their case in court, filing a personal injury case and attempting to hold the at-fault driver directly liable. If successful in court, a victim could also be entitled to an award for the pain and suffering endured because of the accident.

Consult with an Experienced San Antonio Car Wreck Lawyer

Many car accident victims feel overwhelmed at the idea of filing a legal claim. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through this process alone. Dedicated San Antonio car wreck lawyer Israel Garcia has more than 20 years of experience handling these types of claims and as a car accident survivor himself is well-versed in the types of struggles that many of his clients face. To learn more, call us at 210-529-9999 today.

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