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San Antonio Front-End Crash Lawyer

Of all the different ways car accidents can occur, front-end crashes are the deadliest. Thankfully, front-end crashes are rare, because when they do happen, they are highly likely to end in serious injury or death. About two percent of all auto accidents are front-end crashes, yet these collisions make up a full ten percent of all fatal car accidents outside of an intersection. Front-end crashes are likely to have a devastating impact on the accident victims and their families, and a significant financial recovery from the negligent driver or their insurance company will be necessary to achieve justice and much-needed compensation. The Law Office of Israel Garcia is committed to helping car accident victims get the help they need and deserve after being injured in a crash caused by a negligent driver. Contact our experienced San Antonio front-end crash lawyer today for immediate assistance.

Why Front-End Crashes Happen

Texas has more lane-miles than any other state in the country, many of them rural. Even the southern half of San Antonio’s outer loop still contains lengthy two-lane sections. Undivided two-lane highways and country roads can be especially susceptible to front-end crashes. When a driver crosses over to the opposite lane, whether intentionally or accidentally, a serious or deadly crash is likely in the event the driver encounters another vehicle coming from the other direction. These accidents often happen at a higher speed, and the speeds of both vehicles are multiplied together to deliver tremendous force on impact with devastating results to the occupants of both vehicles.

A careful driver almost never has a reason to be in the opposite lane for more than a second or two, which is why front-end crashes are thankfully rare. There are still many different reasons they occur, though. Some of the main reasons include:

  • Trying to pass an 18-wheeler or a slowly moving car by crossing the center line without first ensuring the driver has enough time and clearance to complete the pass and move back into the proper lane. Attempts to pass at the start of a curve or near the top of a hill are especially dangerous places where the driver doesn’t have a clear view of oncoming traffic.
  • Drifting across the center line due to fatigue, drowsy driving, or falling asleep at the wheel
  • Weaving, swerving or drifting out of the lane due to drunk driving
  • Distracted driving such as reading or sending a text, checking social media, watching a video, or gaming. People who engage in these activities think they can do so safely by glancing up at the road every few seconds, but this action makes it likely they will see something in the road that alarms them (an animal, pedestrian or object in the road, a traffic slowdown), and they overreact by jerking the wheel into oncoming traffic.
  • Getting onto the highway in the wrong direction or driving the wrong way down a one-way street. This can happen to drivers who are unfamiliar with the area, drunk, or not paying sufficient attention.

Front-End Crashes Are Costly and Disastrous to Accident Victims

Front-end crashes are frequently fatal, leaving behind bereaved family members with their lives turned upside-down, often without the family’s primary wage-earner or the person who raised the kids or ran the household. In non-fatal crashes, accident victims might suffer a traumatic brain injury, spinal injury, amputation, or other serious injuries that require intensive and extensive medical care and rehabilitation. Accident victims can be knocked out of commission for weeks or months, and many are left with permanent injuries, disabilities, or chronic pain. At the Law Office of Israel Garcia, we put significant effort into compiling a complete picture of the damages and harm accident victims and their families are forced to endure. We show that picture in a compelling way to insurance companies, judges and juries so they can personally understand and empathize with the accident victim’s plight. Our methods have resulted in significant compensation for our clients – compensation they need and deserve to help them cope with the harm done to them and help them have a better future.

Contact the Law Office of Israel Garcia Today

If you or a loved one has been injured or worse in a front-end crash in South-Central Texas, the Law Office of Israel Garcia can help. Contact our San Antonio front-end crash lawyer today.

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