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San Antonio Truck Accident Lawyer

Commercial trucks are among the largest, heaviest vehicles traveling on Texas roadways, so it is no surprise that they can cause severe destruction in a crash. There are around 38,150 total collisions involving 18-wheelers, semis, and other big rigs in the state every year, and more than one-quarter of them lead to at least one fatality or injured victim. Considering the size of these trucks, along with cargo, you can guess that the occupants of the passenger vehicle will experience the most devastating trauma.

Fortunately, Texas personal injury laws apply to truck crashes. You may qualify to recover monetary damages for your losses after a collision, and the Law Office of Israel Garcia will be at your side throughout the legal process. We have extensive experience representing injured victims and their families, so we are ready to fight for your rights. Please contact us to set up a free consultation with a San Antonio truck accident lawyer today. Some background information may also be useful.

Overview of Truck Collision Laws in Texas

Liability in any motor vehicle accident is based upon the concept of negligence, which means you must prove certain essential elements to recover compensation. You need evidence showing that the at-fault motorist failed to exercise reasonable care while driving, and this misconduct was the direct cause of the crash. Truck operators may be liable for such negligent acts as:

● Speeding;
● Drunk and drugged driving;
● Failure to yield;
● Running red lights or stop signs; and,
● Texting while driving.

Plus, there are other causes of 18-wheeler collisions that are unique to truck accidents. Crashes may also be caused by negligence in hiring drivers, loading the trailer, maintaining the vehicle, and many other forms of misconduct.

Challenges with Truck Crash Claims

The legal process starts by filing an insurance claim and attempting to settle for a fair amount; the next step is suing in court if the insurer will not agree to a reasonable settlement. The Law Office of Israel Garcia will advocate on your behalf during negotiations and leverage our high level trial advocacy skills in litigation. We aim to recover damages for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and other losses.

In addition, our San Antonio 18-wheeler accidents Lawyers are prepared to handle the array of challenges associated with these cases. We will advise you on:

● Pursuing parties besides the truck driver, such as an employer, trucking company, or shipper;
● Comparative negligence, which could reduce your compensation if you were also at fault in the crash; and,
● How higher insurance coverage for truck operators impacts your rights, as insurers assign your claim to their most experienced employees whose job it is to deny payment.

Call Now to Speak to a San Antonio Truck Accidents Lawyer

You can see the complexities with the legal process after a truck crash claim, but our team at the Law Office of Israel Garcia is prepared for challenges. Please contact our firm today to schedule a no-cost case evaluation. A San Antonio truck accident lawyer can provide additional details about your rights after reviewing your circumstances.

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