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San Antonio Truck Accident Lawyer > San Antonio 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer

San Antonio 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer

The moments following a truck accident are some of the most terrifying. You may be in shock from the serious injuries you sustained, and you may not even know how the crash occurred, or what to do moving forward. You may know that you have the right to file a claim against any negligent party that caused your crash, but you may be unsure of how to do it. At this time, it is normal to have many questions. Our San Antonio 18-wheeler accident lawyer can answer them and help you claim any damages you are entitled to.

Accidents Involving 18 Wheelers are Different from Car Wrecks

Many people have been involved in a car accident before and so, when they are in a collision with a truck, they think the process will be largely the same. Unfortunately, truck accidents vastly differ from car wrecks.

From the very beginning of a case, a truck accident claim will be more complex because the injuries sustained are so much more serious. This means the damages claimed are far higher than in car accident cases. Insurance companies are more likely to try and refuse these claims so they can retain more of their profits.

The laws governing truck accidents are also far more complex than those that pertain to car crashes. Although state law will apply to truck accident claims, so too, will federal law. There are many federal laws that govern the truck industry, including those dictating when truckers must take breaks, and laws outlining rules for inspection and maintenance. Most people are not familiar with these laws and so, do not know when they have been violated by those in the trucking industry.

Common Causes of 18-Wheeler Accidents

18-wheeler accidents are caused by a multitude of factors, but it is usually negligence on the part of the truck driver or the trucking company. Some of the most common causes of these crashes are as follows:

  • Truck driver fatigue: Truckers work long hours, and they are under immense pressure to deliver their cargo within a certain deadline. They may stay on the road longer than the law allows, and become so fatigued they can no longer operate their truck safely.
  • Impaired driving: It seems unfathomable that truckers would use alcohol or drugs when they are behind the wheel, but they often do mistakenly thinking it will keep them awake and their minds sharper.
  • Distracted drivers: There are a lot of moving parts in an 18-wheeler and truckers have to manage them effectively. Doing so could cause them to become distracted if they are not properly trained or do not have experience behind the wheel.
  • Improper maintenance and inspection: Trucking companies must regularly inspect and maintain their entire fleet. Sometimes, they avoid doing so because it is an added expense.

Get Sound Legal Advice from our 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer in San Antonio

It is natural to be scared and confused after a truck accident, but our San Antonio 18-wheeler accident lawyer at the Law Office of Israel Garcia can help you make things right. We know how to determine what caused your crash, and we will work tirelessly to ensure you receive the full damages you justly deserve. Call us now or reach out to us online to schedule a free consultation and to obtain the sound legal counsel you need.

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