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San Antonio Truck Maintenance Safety Lawyer

It is not difficult to understand why federal and Texas officials have imposed rigid truck maintenance safety regulations on 18-wheelers, semis, tractor-trailers, and other large commercial trucks. These vehicles are massive, hauling cargo that can be sizable and potentially hazardous. Every single part and component on the commercial vehicle must be in top working order to ensure safety. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is tasked with enacting rules on inspections, repairs, and maintenance. Noncompliance remains a problem when trucking companies cut corners and put others at risk.

If you were hurt in a crash caused by violations of truck maintenance safety rules, you do have rights under Texas law. It is possible to recover compensation for your losses, and the Law Office of Israel Garcia will support you throughout the legal process. Please contact us to schedule a free case assessment with a San Antonio truck maintenance safety regulations lawyer. Some background information about legal remedies is also useful.

Overview of FMCSA Rules

The list of regulations related to truck maintenance and safety is lengthy, and these rules apply to many different parties that play a role with putting the tractor and trailer on the road. There are requirements for operators, trucking companies, their employees, shippers, and many others. Examples include regulations on:

● Maintaining electrical systems, the engine, transmission, tires, the suspension, steering, braking, and many other components;
● Inspecting, replacing, and repairing defective parts;
● Hours of Service (HOS) safety rules for truck drivers;
● The FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse;
● Weight restrictions; and,
● Hazardous materials.

Violations of FMCSA maintenance safety regulations can lead to fines and other penalties, and information about citations could serve as powerful evidence in proving your claim. However, the principles of negligence apply to all motor vehicle accidents. You do not need proof of a violation of FMCSA rules to recover compensation if you have sufficient evidence showing that the trucker, employer, trucking company, or other potential parties failed to exercise reasonable care.

Compensation for Victims and Their Families

The Law Office of Israel Garcia will tackle all legal tasks to enforce your rights. Our San Antonio truck maintenance safety regulations Lawyers are ready to file an insurance claim and diligently work to settle for a fair amount. If the insurer denies or counters with a lowball offer, we will sue in court. You may be entitled to:

● Costs of medical care, including surgery, hospitalization, emergency treatment, physical therapy, and treatment from specialists;
● Lost wages, if you were unable to work after being injured;
● Pain and suffering;
● Emotional distress; and,
● Other damages representing the diminished quality of life you endured because of getting hurt.

A San Antonio Truck Maintenance Safety Regulations Lawyer

Knowing that you can recover compensation is reassuring, but it is wise to allow our team at the Law Office of Israel Garcia to handle the essential tasks. For more information about the legal process, please contact our firm to schedule a complimentary case evaluation. After learning more about your situation, a Texas truck maintenance safety regulations lawyer can explain next steps.

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