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San Antonio Truck Accident Lawyer > San Antonio Running a Stop Sign/Red Light Lawyer

San Antonio Running a Stop Sign/Red Light Lawyer

Stop signs and red lights are designed to control the flow of traffic and keep drivers safe. Unfortunately, not all drivers respect them and stop when necessary. Most drivers assume that other motorists will comply with traffic law and stop when they are at a red light or stop sign. When they legally proceed through an intersection,  they are hit by the driver who failed to stop and sustain serious injuries.

Accident victims can file a claim against drivers who fail to stop so they can recover financial compensation for their injuries. If you have been hurt, a San Antonio running a stop sign or red light lawyer can help ensure you receive the full compensation you are entitled to.

What Causes Red Light and Stop Sign Accidents?

Some drivers run stop signs and red lights unintentionally, while others just have wanton disregard for their own safety or the health and well-being of others. Some of the most common causes of red light and stop sign accidents include:

  • A driver sees an amber light and speeds up to “make the light” but has already entered the intersection when the light turns red. Other motorists driving perpendicular to the vehicle or turning can become involved in a major accident.
  • Instead of speeding up to make the light, a driver may slam on their brakes when they see an amber light. Unable to stop in time, they enter the intersection anyway.
  • Distracted drivers who are looking at their phone may not see a stop sign or red light in time.
  • Drivers who legally entered an intersection may be waiting to make a left turn. Once the light turns red, they make the turn but at the same time, another driver accelerates on the green light and hits the turning motorist.

Proving a Red Light or Stop Sign Accident

Proving that another driver ran a red light or a stop sign is not easy. Often, the best evidence used in these cases is video footage of the accident. Nearby businesses may have video surveillance installed that captured the accident. Other motorists may also have dash cam footage showing how the crash occurred. Obtaining video evidence is not always easy. However, it is also some of the strongest evidence you can use. A San Antonio car accident lawyer can obtain this evidence for you to prove your case.

Eyewitness statements also provide strong evidence that helps prove another driver ran a stop sign or red light. Eyewitnesses are typically objective third parties and so, their testimony holds a lot of weight in court. Lastly, it is important to obtain a police report, as law enforcement may have named the negligent party within it.

Call Our San Antonio Stop Sign/Red Light Lawyer Now

When people fail to comply with the traffic laws, people become seriously hurt. If you have been injured, our San Antonio running a stop sign or red light lawyer can help. At the Law Office of Israel Garcia, we know the devastating impacts any car accident will have on your life, and our legal team will work hard to make sure this time is as easy as possible for you. Call us now at 210-LAW-9999 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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