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Category Archives: Overloaded Truck Accident


Why are Oversized Loads on Trucks So Dangerous?

By Israel Garcia |

The transportation of oversized loads on trucks in Texas, and throughout the country, is a complicated and highly regulated matter that requires specialized equipment, meticulous planning, and skilled drivers. Even with these factors, accidents involving oversized loads do still happen. When they do, there are serious consequences including traffic disruptions, damage to the infrastructure,… Read More »

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What Types of Accidents Do Improperly Loaded Trucks Cause?

By Israel Garcia |

18-wheelers are a critical part of the economy in San Antonio, and throughout Texas. Fully loaded trucks come into the city, or use it as a thoroughfare, as they transport cargo from one location to another. Unfortunately, the cargo on commercial trucks is not always loaded properly. Trucks are sometimes overloaded, which weighs down… Read More »

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