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Common Truck Defects that Cause Accidents


For victims of a truck accident, it is not always easy to determine what caused their crash. This is especially true when a crash was caused by a defective part on the truck. Defective parts cause truck accidents more than many people think. When they do, truck drivers can lose control of the vehicle and the results can be catastrophic. Our San Antonio truck accident lawyer can determine if a defective part caused your crash, and help you obtain the full settlement that will cover the cost of your injuries and other losses. While any part of a truck can be defective, the most common types of defects are below.


By far the most common defect on a transport truck are the tires. Truck drivers and the companies they work for must regularly inspect the tires and replace any that are worn and balding. They must also regularly rotate the truck’s tires so they evenly wear. When they fail to do this, a tire blowout can happen because the tire simply cannot withstand the immense weight of the truck.


Even when the brakes on a truck are good, the vehicle will take much longer to slow down and come to a complete stop than passenger vehicles. When a brake is defective, it can be even more dangerous. There are many ways in which brakes can be defective. These include brake pads not being inspected and replaced regularly and a failure to ensure there is enough brake fluid.


The lights on all vehicles are very important but this is particularly true for semi trucks. The lights on a truck not only help the driver see, but they also help other drivers see the large vehicle. As with any lights, those on a truck can burn out and if they are not replaced, it can result in a tragic accident.

Rear Guards 

As their name suggests, rear guards are located on the back of transport trucks. Rear guards are metal sheets or bars located just below the tailgate of a truck. They should align with the grill on smaller vehicles so that in the event of a crash, the passenger vehicle does not get trapped underneath the truck. When these guards are defective, they can break and result in catastrophic injury.

Steering Equipment 

In one study it was shown that defective steering equipment was responsible for 21 percent of the crashes studied. Steering equipment in trucks are intricate and consist of shock absorbers, wheel alignment, and ball joints. When something is wrong with any one of these components, a tragic accident can occur.

Our Truck Accident Lawyer in San Antonio Can Determine if Defective Equipment Caused Your Crash 

At the Law Office of Israel Garcia, our San Antonio truck accident lawyer can determine what caused your crash and will hold the accountable party liable so you obtain the full and fair damages you deserve. Call us now at 210-LAW-9999 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation and to learn more about how we can help.



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