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San Antonio Truck Accident Lawyer > Blog > Delivery Van Accident > How Do Delivery Van Companies Cause Accidents?

How Do Delivery Van Companies Cause Accidents?


Delivery vans are becoming a more common sight on the roads. At one time, it was mainly FedEx and UPS trucks that made deliveries. Today, delivery vans for Amazon, Uber, and a number of other companies are also contributing to the congested roads in Texas. While delivery drivers can cause these accidents, so too, can the companies they work for. Below, our San Antonio delivery van accident lawyer outlines how these companies cause crashes on the road.

Unreasonable Delivery Schedules 

Dispatchers who work for corporations often give delivery drivers unrealistic and unreasonable deadlines. This results in delivery drivers speeding to make sure they stay on schedule. Short turnaround times between deliveries also often leave little time for delivery drivers to rest and take the breaks they need, which results in fatigued driving. When delivery drivers are overtired and operate under excessive pressure, their reaction times are slower and they may exhibit poor judgment. This formula of inevitable stress and fatigue imposed by delivery companies results in catastrophic outcomes.

Flaws in Route Scheduling 

Delivery companies schedule their vehicles to maximize efficiency. However, the computer algorithms they use do not take into account practical issues such as construction delays, traffic, inclement weather, and finding a safe place to park. Creating routes that look good on paper but that are impractical in real life leads to rushed drivers that speed and do not have proper focus.

Strict Demands 

Delivery companies prioritize profit margins over the safety of their drivers. Delivery drivers often complain about dangerous road conditions or severe fatigue but they are told to make their deliveries on time or face suspension. This toxic culture forces delivery drivers into unsafe situations against their better judgment.

Pay Structures that Promote Long Hours 

Many drivers get paid by the amount of miles they drive, or per delivery. These types of pay scales provide incentives to delivery drivers who work very tiring hours to increase their wages. When drivers push themselves beyond their limit, it can increase the risks of drowsy driving.

Improper Maintenance of Vehicles

 Delivery companies have a responsibility to ensure that their vehicles are regularly inspected and maintained so they are safe. Again, this can cut into the profits of the company and so, these corporations take shortcuts. They fail to inspect, repair, or replace vehicles and they break down on the road. This can cause catastrophic injuries to delivery drivers, and to other people on the road.

Our Delivery Van Accident Lawyer in San Antonio Can Help After a Crash 

As more and more delivery vehicles are on the roads today, there are also far more opportunities for accidents to occur. At the Law Offices of Israel Garcia, our San Antonio delivery van accident lawyer can determine if the driver or company was at fault and hold them liable for paying the full and fair compensation you deserve. Call us today at 210-LAW-9999 or chat with us online to request a free consultation and to get the legal help you need.



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