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San Antonio Truck Accident Lawyer > Blog > Cargo Securement Accident > The Risks of Improperly Loaded Tow Trucks

The Risks of Improperly Loaded Tow Trucks


Tow trucks are an important part of the economy throughout Texas, and they deliver a very important service. All drivers have seen a tow truck at the side of the road at one point or another, helping move vehicles that have broken down. Most people do not even think about these tow trucks until something goes wrong with their own vehicle. Below, our San Antonio cargo securement accident lawyer explains how these trucks can actually pose a danger to other motorists.

What Risks Do Improperly Loaded Tow Trucks Pose? 

When loaded properly, tow trucks securely hold the vehicle being towed to the bed of the truck. When mistakes are made during the loading process, it can cause an accident that results in catastrophic injuries. If the vehicle being towed becomes dislodged, it could collide with another vehicle. Additionally, equipment on the tow truck, such as heavy belts, can also become loose and smash into other vehicles. Often this happens at high speeds, which increases the severity of an accident.

How Should Tow Trucks Be Loaded? 

There are many measures tow truck drivers must take to ensure their truck is loaded properly. These include:

  • Inspecting the vehicle to spot any damage that could pose a safety hazard,
  • Making sure all equipment on the truck including belts and rings, are in good condition and will securely hold the vehicle,
  • Inspecting chains and ramps to make sure they are in good condition,
  • Ensuring the vehicle being towed does not exceed the gross vehicle weight of the hitch used to attach the trailer, and
  • Making sure the weight of the load is distributed properly.

When tow truck drivers and other parties do not take the above safety measures, it is considered negligence and they can be held liable for it.

Determining Liability for an Improperly Loaded Tow Truck 

Tow truck drivers are often liable for improperly loaded tow trucks, but that is not always the case. Other parties can also be held liable and they include:

  • Loaders: It is usually tow truck drivers who load vehicles onto their trucks. However, anyone else who negligently loaded a tow truck can also be held liable.
  • Tow truck companies: Companies that own tow trucks may not properly train their drivers, engage in negligent hiring practices, or not inspect or repair their vehicles as necessary.
  • Tow truck mechanics and manufacturers: Manufacturers have a legal duty to make sure any product they create is safe for people to use. This includes tow trucks and tow truck parts. Anyone who works on tow trucks, such as mechanics, must also make sure they complete the job properly and that the vehicle is safe to use.

How Our Cargo Securement Accident Lawyer in San Antonio Can Help

 At the Law Office of Israel Garcia, our San Antonio cargo securement accident lawyer can help determine how much compensation you deserve and help you pursue it so you have the best chance with your claim. Call us now at 210-LAW-9999 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation and to learn more.


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