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San Antonio Truck Accident Lawyer > Blog > Rear End Collision > Who is Liable for a Rear-End Truck Accident?

Who is Liable for a Rear-End Truck Accident?


When a truck rear-ends another passenger vehicle, the injuries usually are catastrophic or result in life-changing injuries, like chronic pain. Trucks crash into other vehicles with an immense amount of force and that can result in some of the most serious injuries. Below, our San Antonio rear-end collision lawyer explains who may be liable (or responsible) in these crashes.

Why are Rear-End Truck Accidents so Common? 

While no one wants to think about it, rear-end truck accidents are very common. Considering that commercial trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds when fully loaded, it is not surprising that these crashes happen so often. The massive weight of trucks means it takes much longer for them to slow down and come to a full stop. In certain situations, trucks may not have enough room to stop as quickly as they need to. At highway speeds, a semi-truck can take 1/3 longer to stop than other vehicles.

Across the country, the leading cause of rear-end accidents involving trucks is the time they need to stop.

When are Truck Drivers Liable for a Rear-End Accident? 

Truck drivers are most commonly liable for rear-end accidents. If a trucker is distracted, they may see another vehicle in front of them too late and not have enough time to stop. Impaired truck drivers may struggle with perception issues and fail to notice how close another vehicle is in front of them. Lastly, speeding is also a common cause of rear-end truck accidents. It takes even longer for a truck to slow down when it is traveling above the speed limit and so, truckers should always comply with the posted speed limit.

When are Other Drivers Liable for a Rear-End Accident? 

Contrary to what many people think, truck drivers are not always at fault for a rear-end accident. Other motorists can also be responsible for a crash. For example, if another motorist pulled in front of a truck without giving the driver sufficient space and time to stop, this can result in a rear-end accident.

Or, if a motorist suddenly stopped (for no reason) and a truck was behind them, they may also be at least partly liable. This is particularly true when drivers did not have a reason to stop. Many drivers are not aware of the amount of time a truck needs to slow down or stop and so, they do not give them the space they need.

Call Our Rear-End Collision Lawyer in San Antonio Today 

Rear-end accidents involving trucks are extremely serious. Victims often suffer from broken bones, head injuries, severe burns, amputations, disc herniations, spine injuries, torn ligaments, chronic pain, and more. If you or someone you love has been injured, you may be entitled to compensation. At the Law Office of Israel Garcia, our San Antonio rear-end collision lawyer can determine who is liable for the crash and help you obtain the full and fair settlement you deserve. Call or text us now at 210-LAW-9999 or chat with us online to schedule a free consultation and to learn more.



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