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San Antonio Truck Accident Lawyer > Blog > 18 Wheeler Accident > Common Mechanical Failures on 18-Wheelers

Common Mechanical Failures on 18-Wheelers


When people are involved in a crash with an 18-wheeler truck, they often assume that the truck driver is to blame. Some may even assume the trucking company is at fault. While truck drivers and the companies they work for are often liable parties in truck accident claims, other parties may be liable as well. Mechanical failures can also result in a very serious crash and in these cases, multiple parties may be to blame.

It is not always necessary to determine when a mechanical failure caused a truck accident. Additionally, truck drivers, trucking companies, and manufacturers may all be at fault for a mechanical failure. Below, our San Antonio 18-wheeler accident lawyer outlines the most common mechanical failures that result in collisions.

Braking Issues 

Brakes are a very important part of the mechanical system within a truck. If the brakes fail, the truck may not be able to stop in time to prevent an accident from occurring. Due to their large size and heavy weight, trucks often take much longer to slow down and come to a complete stop. If the brakes are worn out, defective, or not properly maintained, a truck may not be able to slow down at all, which can make any collision much more serious. Truck drivers and trucking companies are responsible for ensuring their brakes are in proper working conditions before heading out onto our Texas roadways.

Tire Blowouts 

As their name suggests, 18-wheelers have 18 wheels and a problem with any one of them can result in catastrophic accidents. At the very best, a blown tire can fly off the truck and strike other vehicles in the nearby vicinity. Even when this does not occur, a truck driver can lose control of their vehicle if a tire blows out, causing them to crash into other vehicles. The tires on a truck must always have proper inflation and enough tread, and drivers are responsible for checking inflation before every trip.

Malfunctioning Lighting 

18-wheelers must have properly working headlights, taillights, and running lights. These lights ensure that other drivers can see the truck. Without these lights, other drivers may crash into an 18-wheeler, particularly if it has pulled over for a rest period or because it broke down.

Defective Bumper Guards 

Bumper guards on an 18-wheeler hang down from the sides and back of a truck’s trailer. They are intended to prevent other vehicles from sliding underneath the truck in the event of an accident. When these bumper guards are non-existent or defective, it can result in an underride accident. These crashes are typically fatal for occupants in the smaller vehicle.

Engine Shutdowns 

When properly maintained, the engine of a truck can last for thousands of miles. Engines that are not properly maintained, though, can shut down even if the truck driver is in a lane of traffic. Any truck that stops suddenly can cause other drivers to crash into it, even if the vehicle is pulled over to the shoulder.

Our 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer in San Antonio Can Find Mechanical Failures 

It is often difficult to determine when a mechanical failure caused a truck accident. At the Law Offices of Israel Garcia, our San Antonio 18-wheeler accident lawyer will conduct a full investigation to determine the causes of your crash, so you know who to hold liable for paying damages (compensation). Call us now at 210-LAW-9999 or contact us online to request a free consultation.



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