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Do Truck Accident Cases Result in Larger Settlements?


When people are involved in an accident, they can often file a claim for financial compensation. One of the first questions people have when filing a claim is what type of damages they can claim and what amount of money are they entitled to in light of their injuries. Car accident claims can result in large settlements, but they are also sometimes limited by certain factors (including the amount of insurance coverage). This is not necessarily the case when a large truck is involved in a crash, though. Truck accident claims typically result in larger settlements for the reasons outlined below.

Injuries are More Severe 

The value of any accident settlement depends on the amount of losses sustained by the injured individual. Although car accidents can result in very serious injuries, those incurred during a truck accident are usually catastrophic. Amputations, severe burns, paralysis, spine injuries (including disc herniations), and chronic pain are just a few of these. Due to the fact that these catastrophic injuries will require more medical treatment, and higher medical expenses, truck accident cases usually result in larger settlements.

Violations of Law Taken More Seriously 

Drivers of passenger vehicles should always comply with traffic laws. However, juries are usually more understanding when these motorists go slightly above the speed limit, or accidentally fail to look before yielding. Passenger vehicle drivers who negligently violate traffic laws will still be held liable, but they are not treated as harshly.

Truck drivers, and the trucking companies they work for, are held to much stricter standards than other motorists. These entities must not only follow traffic law, but also federal law that regulates the trucking industry. The federal laws are extremely specific and are in place to protect the public. When truckers and trucking companies break these laws, juries take the negligent act much more seriously and are likely to award more to anyone injured by the violation.

Increased Liability Insurance 

Even when the driver of a passenger vehicle violated a serious traffic law and caused severe injuries, it is still sometimes difficult for victims to claim the full compensation they deserve. This is due to the fact that the minimum auto requirements passenger vehicle drivers must carry is $30,000 in the state of Texas. Few motorists purchase beyond this minimum amount and victims can only claim up to the limits of an insurance policy.

Truck drivers and trucking companies must purchase much higher amounts of insurance than this, though. Most trucking companies carry insurance policies that have limits of at least $1,000,000, which makes truck accident cases result in larger settlements (the minimum amount required by federal law is $750,000.00).

Our Truck Accident Lawyer in San Antonio Can Help You Claim the Maximum Settlement 

There are many factors that generally result in truck accident settlements that are larger than those awarded in car crash cases. However, you still need sound legal advice when obtaining the settlement you deserve, and our San Antonio truck accident lawyer can help. At the Law Offices of Israel Garcia, our experienced attorney knows how to obtain the largest settlement possible in truck accident claims and will put that expertise to work for you. Call us now at 210-LAW-9999 or chat with us online to schedule a free review of your case.




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