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Preventing Falling Cargo Accidents


When a truck’s cargo is properly secured, it will move with the truck as the vehicle moves. Most people pass many trucks on the roads and highways, sometimes a dozen a day, and take for granted that the cargo it is carrying will stay put. Unfortunately, this does not always happen and there are times when a truck’s cargo will come loose. Loose and falling cargo off a truck causes some of the most catastrophic injuries so, it is crucial that all drivers know how to prevent these types of accidents. Below, our cargo securement accident lawyer in San Antonio explains the most important steps to take.

Look at the Cargo as You Pass

If you have to drive near a truck or pass one, take a quick look at the cargo on the truck. If the straps have come loose, a trailer door is open, or bulging trailer doors, try to signal to the truck driver. Do not do this if it is not safe to. Regardless of whether you can signal the driver, move out of the way. Do not ride immediately behind the truck or alongside it, even if it means getting off the road.

Call the Police

This step is particularly important if you cannot signal to the driver that the cargo is coming loose. Try to remember the truck’s license plate number, a brief description of the truck, and the company name. Call the police and tell them about the problem you observed. They can then send an officer out to inform them of the problem.

Avoid No Zones

The blind spots on a truck are often called “no zones” because drivers simply should not remain in them. Cargo often falls in the blind spots, where truck drivers cannot see the problem. Always try to avoid driving right behind a large commercial truck, or along the sides. The general rule of thumb is that if you cannot see the truck driver, they cannot see you, so stay out of these areas as much as possible.

Keep a Distance from Escort Vehicles

Tractor-trailers, particularly those that carry oversized cargo, often have escort vehicles that accompany them on the roads. These vehicles serve as a boundary for the big truck, and prevent other vehicles from getting too close, particularly when they are carrying overhanging pipes and other material. Always try to give big trucks, and the escort vehicles they may be traveling with, as much room as possible on the roads. The more distance you can put yourself and these vehicles, the better chance there is that you can prevent being involved in a falling cargo accident. Also, do not pass the escort vehicle and place your vehicle in between the escort vehicle and the tractor-trailer.

Call Our Cargo Securement Accident Lawyer in San Antonio Now

You may do everything right when trying to prevent a falling cargo accident, but find yourself involved in one anyway. Or, you may be a truck driver who is crushed by cargo when you open your trailer doors as a result of the shipper not properly loading and securing the cargo. At the Law Office of Israel Garcia, our San Antonio cargo loading and securement accident lawyer can help with the aftermath, and ensure you receive maximum compensation so that you have hope again and a better future. Call us now at 210-LAW-9999 or contact us online to schedule a free review of your case.




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