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Steps Truck Drivers Should Take After Any Accident


Truck accidents cause some of the most catastrophic injuries on San Antonio’s roads, even for truck drivers. People are often quick to blame the trucker on the scene of a serious crash, but accidents are not always caused by truck drivers. If you have been involved in a collision in your tractor-trailer, you have rights just like other accident victims. Below, our San Antonio truck accident lawyer explains the steps to take so you can protect them.

Move Your Truck to a Safe Location

If you are able, move your truck to a safe location, such as to the side of the road. Trucks are immense vehicles and if you leave yours in the middle of the road, it could cause a secondary accident. If your truck is disabled due to the crash and you are not able to move it, place warning triangles in the area leading up to the truck to warn oncoming traffic as specified in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. Putting flares or cones is not enough.

Report the Accident

Due to the size and weight of a truck, there is little chance that a collision will not result in injuries or property damage. Under Texas law, you are required to report any motor vehicle accident that results in injury, death, or excessive property damage. You are likely required by law to report any accident that involves your truck, and it is always best to err on the side of caution. Once police arrive on the scene they will start their own investigation, which can provide evidence that is important to your case.

Do Not Apologize for the Accident

It is a sad reality that many people automatically blame truck drivers for any crash involving a tractor-trailer. Truck drivers are often hurt through no fault of their own, though. You may be tempted to apologize that the crash happened at all, but it is important that you do not. Other partiers, and the insurance companies who cover them, will take this as an admission of guilt and will use it against you. Do not assign blame, but also do not place it on yourself.

Record Important Details

Over time, your memories about the accident may fade, particularly if you are receiving treatment for serious injuries. As soon as possible after the crash, record important details, which may include:

  • The date, time, and specific location of the crash,
  • Any trouble you had with equipment prior to the accident, such as problems with the brakes or steering column,
  • The contact, insurance, and driver’s license information of all other drivers involved,
  • Names and contact information of any eyewitnesses who saw the crash, and
  • The names and badge numbers of the police officers who responded at the scene.

Inform Your Employer of the Crash

If you work for a trucking company, they will find out about the accident. It is best if you tell them first. You may need to do this to claim workers’ compensation benefits, and your employer likely has their own protocol they follow after an accident. To protect any case you may file, notify your employer about the crash as soon as possible.

Call a Truck Accident Lawyer in San Antonio

After an accident, you may find that other people involved, the insurance companies, and even your employer are working against you. At the Law Office of Israel Garcia, our San Antonio truck accident lawyer stands up for truck drivers and has extensive experience representing truck drivers who are hurt by other truck drivers working for careless trucking companies. We can put our experience to work for you, too. Call us now at 210-LAW-9999 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.




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