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San Antonio Truck Accident Lawyer > Blog > 18 Wheeler Accident > Who Is At Fault when Two Truckers Are Involved In A Crash?

Who Is At Fault when Two Truckers Are Involved In A Crash?


When people think of truck accidents, they often first imagine a commercial truck, such as a transport, crashing into a smaller vehicle, such as a passenger car. These types of collisions are very common, and can cause serious injury. Another type of truck accident that results in equally serious injuries are those that involve two commercial trucks.

People often assume that when any truck driver is involved in a crash, it is the trucker who is at fault. Sometimes, this is true. However, how can you determine who is at fault when two truck drivers collide with each other? Often in these cases, it is the trucking companies they work for.

How are Trucking Companies Unsafe?

There are a number of dangerous practices trucking companies engage in that cause serious accidents on the road. By far, the most common of these is to provide incentives to their drivers to stay on the road longer than they should. Trucking companies are under immense pressure to deliver their cargo in a certain amount of time. Despite the fact that there are very strict rules regarding how long a truck driver can remain on the road without taking a break. Trucking companies may pay drivers more if they break this rule, or give them bonuses and benefits if they do not take the mandatory break period.

Trucking companies must also follow a number of different rules and regulations regarding their fleet of trucks. Trucking companies must ensure that their trucks are regularly inspected to identify any safety issues and perform maintenance when necessary. In an effort to save more of their profits, trucking companies often take shortcuts and do not have regular inspections or maintenance performed.

Lastly, trucking companies do not always ensure they engage in safe hiring practices. They may fail to check a driver’s driving or criminal record, or they may not provide the proper training to their drivers.

What Can Truck Drivers Do After a Crash?

Just like anyone else on the road, truck drivers will sustain very serious injuries when they are involved in a crash with another commercial truck. The most important thing for injured truckers to do is to speak with a San Antonio truck accident lawyer.

An attorney who has the necessary experience with truck accidents can determine who was liable for the crash, including the trucking company. A lawyer will also conduct an investigation, subpoena certain records from the trucking company, and collect evidence to prove the case so injured individuals and their families can obtain the full damages they are entitled to.

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