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San Antonio Truck Accident Lawyer > Blog > Cargo Securement Accident > How Does Falling Truck Cargo Cause Accidents?

How Does Falling Truck Cargo Cause Accidents?


Shifting, falling, and spilling cargo causes approximately 3,000 truck accidents every year in the United States. Although these types of crashes do not rank as some of the most collisions involving trucks, as they make up fewer than one percent of all truck accidents, they can still be deadly. Improperly loaded or secured cargo causes approximately 1,000 injuries and deaths to other motorists on the road every year and can injure or kill a truck driver hauling the cargo upon opening the trailer doors at the receiver.

When cargo shifts, spills, or falls onto the road, it has catastrophic consequences for everyone in the vicinity of the truck. Below, our San Antonio cargo securement accident lawyer explains how these crashes occur and how you can obtain compensation afterwards.

What Causes Falling Cargo Truck Accidents?

Cargo falls off of trucks for many different reasons. Some of the most common of these are as follows:

  • Cargo loaded improperly: Loading a truck is an art and a science. The weight must be distributed along the width, length, and height of the trailer. The weight must also be distributed according to the location of the axles on the truck and the size of the trailer. When these standards are not adhered to, the cargo can shift and drivers may not be able to control the trailer or the truck. Truck drivers who lose control of the vehicle may fishtail or oversteer.
  • Shifting loads: Cargo that is not secured properly can shift during transit, causing the truck to roll over when it turns. Truck rollovers can easily result in an overturned trailer, leading to falling or spilled cargo.
  • Uncovered cargo: Not all cargo is contained within a truck. A commercial truck may be transporting gravel to a construction site and the trailer may not have a roof. The cargo should still be covered, so it does not fly around and create hazards for other drivers.
  • Broken restraints: Cargo within a truck is often tied down with restraints. When those restraints are broken or defective, it can easily cause the cargo to fall onto the roadway.

What are the Dangers of Falling Cargo?

Falling cargo poses a danger to anyone who is near the truck. The biggest dangers associated with falling cargo include:

  • Cargo falling onto other vehicles: When cargo spills or falls off a truck, it can hit other vehicles nearby. The property damage can injure passengers in the disabled vehicle, or the vehicle could become involved in a secondary accident.
  • Cargo falling onto truck drivers: Truckers need to open the rear doors to unload the cargo, or so others can. If cargo has become unsecured, it can fall onto the truck driver, which can result in fatality or life changing injuries.
  • Creating obstructions in the road: Cargo that falls onto the roadway can cause a hazard. Vehicles may crash into the cargo, or they may try to brake or swerve, causing an accident as they do.

Our Cargo Securement Accident Lawyer in San Antonio Can Help You Claim Damages

If you have been hurt by improperly secured cargo, our seasoned attorney can help. At the Law Office of Israel Garcia, our San Antonio cargo securement accident lawyer can provide the sound legal advice you need to ensure you obtain the full and fair settlement you are entitled to. Call us today at 210-LAW-9999 or connect with us online to schedule a free consultation.



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